Missing 17-year-old girl reportedly may be with a 27-year-old soccer coach

The 17-year-old Florida girl who disappeared two days ago may be with a man who is a family friend and a soccer coach in her school district, according to ABC Jacksonville affiliate WTLV-TV.


Caitlyn Frisina, 17, “is believed to have left her home of her own accord, leaving her phone, which she fully erased,” and may be in the presence of 27-year-old Rian Rodriguez, the Columbia County Sheriff’s office said in a weekend Facebook post.

Rodriguez was the Columbia County School District’s head boys’ soccer coach, but the district said “Rodriguez has been suspended pending the investigation,” according to WTLV.

The missing teen’s father, Ward Frisina, wrote on Facebook this morning that “soccer was a love that we [he and his daughter] shared.”

The sheriff’s office said the teen made a $200 ATM withdrawal Sunday in St. Marys, Georgia, which is about 100 miles northeast of Columbia County.

The teen’s parents both wrote messages on social media to their daughter.


Dad Ward Frisina tweeted Monday night, “I do not care about anything except hearing your voice. There is absolutely nothing that you could have done or be involved in that stops my love for you. You are my only concern. I will come to you no matter the time or place! I love you!”

Her mother, Scarlet Frisina, wrote on Facebook Monday afternoon, “I want you to know how very much we love you and miss you! We’re not sure why you chose to go, but know that all we care about is knowing whether or not you’re safe!! We can work out any issues. We’re here with open arms praying for your safety! Please let us know that you’re ok. Day or night, no matter what; no judgement [sic], no anger…just know we’re here and we love you more than you can imagine!”

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to come forward.



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